Going, Going Gone!

There have been over 250 000 home runs hit in major league baseball since 1871. The first home run was hit by Ezra Sutton of the Cleveland Forest Citys, yes citys is spelt that way. You rarely watch a game when there is not a home run hit; but in how many games has there been an inside the park home run?  I congratulate Jim Thome on making his way into the 600 home run club, only to be traded to Cleveland a few weeks later.

 Since baseball began, Barry Bonds leads the way with 762 career homers. The highest active home run leader is Alex Rodriguez with 628 long balls as of September 5 2011. But with both these players having used performance enhancing drugs, the true home run leader is Hank Aaron.

The longest home run ever hit was by Mickey Mantle. The actual distance is not certain but there are many different opinions: such as 660 ft., 569 ft. and 734 ft.

 Week 2’s player of the week award belongs to Jason Bay on the New York Mets. Jason had 2 homers, 5 doubles and 10 runs batted in.


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