30 Teams In Baseball (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Until I make the transition from baseball to hockey on my blog I will be talking about certain teams along with my regular posts about baseball itself. Today I will discuss the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Arizona’s main colours are white, black and red. They were established in 1998 and are owned by Ken Kendrick, Paul Schloss and Jason Ellis. They are managed by Kirk Gibson and they play ball at Chase Field. The D’ Backs have won a World Series Title in 2001, a National league Pennant and a West Division Title four times in 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2007. Arizona has a pretty good team in 2011 lead by Justin Upton, Ryan Roberts and Ian Kennedy. Although fans down in the desert can sometimes be hard to come by as is in hockey, Arizona is putting together a playoff quality year. Luis Gonzalez pretty much leads all categories as a Diamonback when it comes to batting with home runs (224), hits (1337, RBI (774) and walks (650). But there are a few others who are leaders like Stephen Drew with 47 triples and more to come, Tony Womack with 110 stolen bases, and Mark Reynolds having 767 strikeouts. When it comes to pitching good ol’ Randy Johnson leads  in wins (118), innings (1630.1), ERA (2.83) and strikeouts (2077). The D’ Backs have had some great years in the 13 years they have been in the MLB and will continue to get better especially with prospect Josh Collmenter .      


                                   Luis Gonzalez                                                           Justin Upton


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