Pitchers’ Hitting Home Runs

Pitchers’ don’t usually hit home runs, but when they do the dugout erupts with cheers. It is always great to see a pitcher hit a homer and some pitchers get quite used to it. Wes Ferrell has the most long balls as a pitcher. He played for six different teams including the New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers, Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians. Ferrell had nine homers with the Indians in 1931, the most by any pitcher ever. The next home run leader is Bob Lemon followed by Warren Spahn in third. Carlos Zambrano leads all active pitchers with 23 bombs. The most recent pitcher to hit a homer is Jake Westbrook on the St. Louis Cardinals and Derek Lowe on the Atlanta Braves who both hit one on the same night; August 31 2011. The last pitcher to hit an inside the park home run was Joaquin Andujar on the Houston Astros in 1979. The last inside the park grand slam was by Mel Stottlemyre on the New York Yankees in 1965. Now that is helping your team. It is always great when a pitcher slams a long ball and it is always a bonus for their team.


                   Joaquin Andujar                                                           Jake Westbrook           


                     Wes Ferrell (Batting)


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