Laying Down The Signs

There are many different pitches in the game of baseball, all listed below.  I have attached a link to each of them.  Clinking the link will provide a detailed  definition and explanation of the pitch. 

 I think the most interesting pitch is the Gyroball.   Without the proper training and preparation, making this pitch can probably cause injury and the way the pitcher has to correctly move his body to execute the pitch appears to be extremely difficult.

Four-Seam Fastball      Split-Finger Fastball     Knuckle-Curve     Spitball

Two-Seam Fastball     Fosh     Screwball     Eephus

Cutter     Curveball     Palmball       Gyroball

Forkball      Slider     Changeup     Shuuto

Sinker       Slurve       Circle-Change     Vulcan Changeup

I think I have covered  every pitch in baseball; but if I missed one, please leave a comment and I will be happy to respond.


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