Performance-Enhancing Drugs

PED’s are used to improve the players performance during the game. If baseball players use these drugs, they are often considered cheaters. The player often uses these illegal drugs due to them not being able to live up to expectations of the team. The penalty for the first time offenders was a  10 game suspension, 30 games for second timers, 60 games for a 3rd offence and a year for a 4th time. Then in 2008 the policy was reviewed, and to owners and players approva, the suspensions were increased to 50 games for 1st timers, 100 for 2nd time offenders and a lifetime ban for a third. There have been many players in the MLB suspended over the use of these prohibited drugs, the most recent being Manny Ramirez in April 2011. Other suspensions have been handed to Edinson Volquez on the Cincinnatti Reds in April 2010, Manny Ramirez again in 2009, Mike Cameron on the Padres in 2007, J.C. Romero for the Phillies in 2009 and Mike Morse on the Seattle Mariners in 2005. The longest suspension in the MLB belongs to Manny Ramirez with his 100 game ban in 2011. Manny retired shortly after his suspension was handed to him. The longest ban for a player was 105 games for Ramon Castro in the Washinton Nationals system.

Personally the use of drugs is fairly ridiculous. No player needs drugs especially if their performance is good enough to be drafted into the MLB.

This week’s player of the week is Matt Kemp with 4 long balls, 8 RBI and a .520 average.


                    Manny Ramirez                                                                       Endinson Volquez


3 thoughts on “Performance-Enhancing Drugs

  1. Great points, but players often face enormous pressure to maintain their performance so that they can stay out of the minors, or prove that they are worth their big $ contracts. Then there are those that are trying to recover from an injury and the little pills or needles help them beyond thier wildest dreams…and its tough to stop and they think they’ll never get caught. By no means am I supporting the use of any PEDs ever in any sport, but without ever being in the situation that many pro athletes find themselves in where their whole world appears to rely on thier performance on the field/ice/court/pitch/course, I can only imagine how much pressure and stress they feel, and know that its got to be really really tough…then some of them get greedy!

    • I agree. i would also add the need for adulation. Fans adore winners, advertising companies use you on billboards and TV commercials. You become renown, a recognizable face and name. But it is cheating, especially in the sense of all the great athletes that accomplished great deeds before the advent of PEDs.

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