30 Teams In Baseball (Boston Red Sox)

The Bo Sox had one of the most memorable collapses in MLB history. The Red Sox were over 5 games ahead of  Tampa only to blow their lead in one of the most exciting baseball games ever. The Sox were created in 1901 but back then they were called the Boston Americans, and then changed their name to the Red Sox in 1908. The owners of the Sox are John Henry, Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino. The Red Sox have been playing at Fenway Park for what  seems like ages; actually it has only been 99 years. The team’s main colours are red, navy and white. Boston has won 7 World Series with the last being in 2007 and 12 AL Pennants with the most recent also in 07. With the Sox recently firing long term manager Terry Francona the current manager as of Oct. 1 is Theo Epstein. Carl Yastrzemski and Ted Williams lead most of the batting categories; Williams with 521 home runs, Yastrzemski with 1844 RBI, Williams with a .344 batting average and Yastrzemski with 190 intentional walks. But other leaders include Harry Hooper with 130 triples and Kevin Youkilis with 80 hit by pitches. The pitching stats are led by Roger Clemens with 2590 strikeouts, Tim Wakefield with 3095 innings pitched and Smoky Joe Wood with a miniscule 1.99 ERA. The Red Sox will always be a dominant team and there will always be the arguments over who is the better team –  the Yankees or the Red Sox. In my opinion I like the Red Sox better than the Yankees but I think the Yanks are a better team. Just think, the Yankees wouldn’t blow a huge lead this close to the playoffs. They also have better veterans and rookies. Although they are both very good teams I give the upperhand to New York.



        Carl Yastrzemski                                                                                 Tim Wakefield


One thought on “30 Teams In Baseball (Boston Red Sox)

  1. Don’t forget the collapse of the Atlanta Braves. They seem to have a history of this. Always consider a top contender, they collapse or fail in the first round. How many times have they made it to the World Series and how many times have they won it?

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