MLB Early Silver Slugger Award Picks

The following winners and are chosen by me. For the 2011 regular season.

Silver Slugger Awards

American League              National League

C Victor Martinez              C Yadier Molina  

C Runners Up: Miguel Montero, Alex Avila, Carlos Santana                                                                                                 

1B Miguel Cabrera            1B Joey Votto             

1B Runners Up: Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, Adrian Gonzalez

2B Robinson Cano              2B Brandon Phillips

2B Runners Up: Dan Uggla, Dustin Pedroia, Rickie Weeks

3B Adrian Beltre                 3B Aramis Ramirez

3B Runners Up: Martin Prado, Evan Longoria, Edwin Encarnacion

SS Jhonny Peralta               SS Jose Reyes

SS Runners Up: Troy Tulowitzki, Starlin Castro, J.J. Hardy

LF Alex Gordon                    LF Ryan Braun

LF Runners Up: Josh Hamilton, Carlos Gonzalez, Melky Cabrera

CF Jacoby Ellsbury             CF Matt Kemp

CF Runners Up: Curtis Granderson, Andrew McCutchen, Michael Bourn

RF Jose Bautista                   RF Lance Berkman

Runners Up: Hunter Pence, Michael Cuddyer, Justin Upton

DH David Ortiz                       DH Not Available

DH Runners Up: Michael Young, Billy Butler, Johnny Damon

P Not Available                      P Adam Wainwright

P Runners Up: Carlos Zambrano, Derek Lowe, Yovani Gallardo


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