Attending The Game

Each arena in the NHL has its own capacity. Whether or not it is sold out, is up to the players just as much as it is the fans. If a team is going to play badly, then don’t expect 20 000+ every night, unless it’s the Montreal Canadians. The leading team for average attendance in 2010/2011 was the Chicago Blackhawks. They had an average of 21 423 filled seats. In second is… you guessed it, the Montreal Canadians with 21 273. In third is Philadelphia with 19 715, 4th place is held by the Detroit with 19 680 and suprisingly in 5th is the lowly Maple Leafs with an impressive  19 354 average. The bottom 3 are the New York Islanders with a gloomy 11 059, the Phoenix Coyotes with 12 188 and then there is the Atlanta Thrashers who are now the Jets with 13 469. These stats are all home totals. The probable leader for this year will be the Winnepeg Jets. The tickets went so quickly the Jets had draws to determine which lucky winners got their hands on some of the hottest tickets around town. Although the Toronto Maple Leafs had the fifth greatest attendance in 2010/2011 they have the most expensive tickets averaging $76.00 each. Montreal is the second highest with an average of $64.00 and the lowest is the St. Louis Blues with a miniscule $30.00 average. Wish I lived in St.Louis, I’d be buying a lot of those tickets.


            Winnipeg Jets  (Home)                                                                           Winnipeg Jets (Away)


5 thoughts on “Attending The Game

  1. Lucky residents of St. Louis!!! I guess living in a big city and being forced to pay big bucks for decent tickets makes you appreciate going to watch an NHL game all the more! The only thing that actually tops getting to watch your favourite team live. is that team playing really well and winning the game. A fan can dream, I guess!

  2. Are the expensive tickets a reflection of the NHL salaries? How do hockey tickets compare with say baseball or football tickets- be interesting to pick a city that had all 3 games, determine the player’s average salaries and the average ticket prices.

  3. @uncle, ticket prices in relation to players salaries is more significant in the NHL, where gate revenues comprise a large percentage of a teams total revenue. In the other major North American sports the leagues have huge television contracts, which will allow them more flexibility in pricing their tickets.
    The Leafs should lower their ticket prices, because they haven’t made the playoffs in years and it looks like they won’t make it again! LOL!!

    • True the Maple Leafs have been pretty usless in the past few years. The last time they made the playoffs was I think in 2003/2004. The Leafs need lower prices or they will get less fans. All of the Toronto teams need a playoff berth other than the Toronto Rock in lacrosse. Toronto FC MLS, Toronto Blue Jays MLB, Toronto Raptors NBA and Toronto Argonauts CFL have done poorly and need wins.

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