Welcome NHL

The 2011/2012 hockey season is finally here and it is time to welcome the NHL. I will continue to write about hockey and baseball until the end of the MLB season but for now we hand it over to hockey. This year all the teams start fresh, some with new logos, with new faces and with new coaches; but they all have one goal in mind for this year, winning Lord Stanleys’ Cup. Well, the Maple Leafs, they’re just focusing on actually making the playoffs. The busiest teams when it came to trading and signing were the Florida Panthers and the Philadelphia Flyers. The recent talk about fighting in the NHL is ridiculous.  Taking away fighting would be like taking away the sale of alcohol from all of the NHL arenas. Not only would people be mad, but hockey would get less followers, viewers and fans. When it comes to head shots, well the players are just being flat out stupid. It is pretty much impossible to hit someone in the head with that much force without intending to. Not only could it ruin a hockey career but it could ruin a life. A perfect example is now retired St. Louis’ Dave Scatchard, he was concussed with a hit to the head and was never the same player. He can barely push his kids on the swing at a park without hurting or pains in his head. I wonder if you asked players who have made those awful checks if they were happy with their actions, what their reply would be. Just because an opponent took a cheap shot at the goalie or over celebrated on a goal, do they really think it is okay to ruin a life with a hit that could only earn them a suspension, a fine, and a trip to the box?



2 thoughts on “Welcome NHL

  1. I do not understand your comment about fighting- if fans will ‘as you say, get mad’ if fighting is banned, then why are they going to hockey games/- to see fights or watch good hockey. As for deliberate head shots, I agree; get rid of it- make the penalties so high that no one will want to do it.

    • Fans love to see a great game and a good fight. But they don’t want to see their leading scorer fighting. If they get injured, well the team might be done for the year. Think of when Taylor Hall decided to fight Derek Dorsett… a bad decision and he broke his wrist. Fans and the team will always get pumped after a fight and it can turn a game around.

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