Bringing In The Runs

An RBI is baserunner brought home by any hit, whether it was a hit, a homer, a bunt or a sacrifice fly. The all time leader for RBI for the regular season is Hank Aaron with a total of 2297. The all time active leader is… you guessed it, Alex Rodriguez with 1893. The 2010/2011 season leader for RBI is Matt Kemp with 126. The most RBI’s in one game is 12. It has happened twice; once by Jim Bottomley in 1924 and then by Mark Whiten in 1993. Getting an RBI makes every “at bat” better. Tony Cloninger has the most RBI’s in one game by a pitcher with an amazing total of 9. He hit 2 grand slams and a single. A batter’s RBI total is always either tied or higher than their home run total. It is not possible to have more home runs. It is very rare to have a game when there are no RBI’s but it is possible when the score is 1-0 and the 1 point is from a wild pitch.  In that kind of game  no one would get the RBI.


               Jim Bottomley                                                               Matt Kemp



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