Lots And Lots And Lots Of Goals

 The Winnipeg Jets beating the Philadelphia Flyers by an incredible 9-8 score on Oct. 27 2011,  gave me an idea to write about high scoring games. The highest goal total by one team in a regular season game is 16. That was done by the Montreal Canadians against the Quebec Bulldogs on Mar. 3 1920. The final score was 16-3. Man, I would hate to have been a goalie in that game. Actually the 2 goalies for the Bulldogs at that time were Frank Brophy and Harry Mummery. The most goals by two teams in one game is 21. This happened on two different occasions. The first was between the Montreal Canadians and the Toronto St. Patricks, with Montreal winning 14-7 on Jan. 10 1920. The other time was when the Edmonton Oilers beat the Chicago Black Hawks on Dec. 11 1985 by a score of  12-9. The most goals by one player in a single game was done by Joe Malone. He scored 7 goals in a home game on Jan. 31 1920. As most of you probably know the season leader in goals is held by Wayne Gretzky with an unimaginable 92 goals. One of the most exciting goals is Ovechkin’s beauty against the Pheonix Coyotes. Here is a link to the video.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMsaahHGtOg&feature=related A goal can be a deke, a shot, a deflection or an own goal. They come in many different ways but they all count and they all mean something. It can win a game or tie a game, but all goals are important.


               Alex Ovechkin                                                     Joe Malone


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