Wonderful World Juniors

The IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation)  World Juniors has always been a great tournament for hockey fans. The World Juniors was founded in 1977. The main tournament consists of the ten highest ranked countries. There are 3 other pools that have teams that are not ranked in the top ten. They compete to earn spots in the top pool. I think the lower pools should be more televised and advertised. It is always nice to watch a country you wouldn’t expect to be playing hockey. Canada, USA, Sweden and Russia have mainly dominated the podium. Finland and Czech Republic have won a few medals and Slovakia and Switzerland each have 1 bronze medal. Canada has won the most gold medals with 15, while Russia/Soviet Union have 13 golds. This year in 11/12 the tournament is held in Calgary and Edmonton, Canada. It will be held in Ufa, Russia in 12/13 and Malmo, Sweden in 13/14. Russia/Soviet Union and Canada have brought home 28 of the 35 gold medals awarded. Canada and Russia are also famous for their 1987 massive bench-clearing brawl that got both Canada and the Soviet Union ejected from the tournament. There have been 35 official tournaments and 3 tournaments that are considered unofficial from 1974-1976. The IIHF tournament will continue to be a great get together for hockey fans of all competing countries. Even people who don’t watch or like hockey must find themselves watching some time during the tournament. For more information on your country and the tournament check out http://www.iihf.com/.



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