Autographs For Free

Nothing makes a kid and sometimes adult happier than getting his or her favourite athlete’s autograph. But what really disappoints me is when these famous athletes charge money for their signature. Being a professional athlete comes with making a fan happy by simply writing down your name in cursive writing. I have heard of current and former NHL players charging from anywhere between $5.00- $30.00. I think these players and companies have started doing this due to the increase of people taking the signed item and selling it online for a big profit. But when young kids would like to get a favourite player’s autograph and they have to fork over $20.00 it kind of brings down the joy of actually receiving the autograph. I would like to know if the athletes are happy with this. It doesn’t fit professional sports. How ridiculous it is to be this greedy? Players should do this out of the kindness of their hearts, not to make a profit of money. They already make over a million bucks a year for doing their job. What if the athlete was in the fan’s shoes, just wanting an autograph from a player but having to pay $20.00 just get one item signed. I just hope the NHL and MLB players will smarten up when it comes to signing autographs. I am open to any stories you might have about this topic, please share.

The player of the week is back up and running with the week of Jan. 8-15. This weeks winner is Evgeni Malkin on the Pittsburgh Penguins. Malkin had 5 goals and 7 points in just 4 games.


                                                                               Derek Jeter Autographed Baseball


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