Cellar Dweller’s

Cellar Dweller’s are players who soak up their NHL career in the minor leagues (AHL). These guys just can’t seem to play in the NHL. So the general manager sends the player down the farm team to be called up later or never again. These guys may dominate in the minors but when they get called up, they just don’t seem to click. I have put together a list of those guys who have passed their prime days or just can’t get called up from the AHL.

Raitis Ivanans, At age 33 and being a fighter Ivanans doesn’t have a whole lot left in him. This Latvian native has only played 281 NHL games and racked up 569 penalty minutes. Raitis only has 18 career points in the NHL and has spent 191 games in the AHL between Hershey, Milwaukee, Hamilton and Abbotsford. In those 191 games since 2011 he has received 583 penalty minutes in the farm system. This veteran is still fighting and taking penalties but his NHL days are even more numbered than before.

Mark Parrish, Parrish is a 35-year-old veteran who has played for 8 different NHL teams and 5 AHL teams Parrish is just playing his last few years with Binghamton of the AHL. Parrish is currently playing on a $650 000 contract. Mark Parrish has 387 career NHL points. His best season was when he had 30 goals and 60 points but that was back in 2002 when he was still pretty young. Parrish was a fairly good leader when he was captain in Minnesota but he is probably going to retire soon.

Nolan Baumgartner, Nolan was drafted 10th overall by the Capitals in the 1994 entry draft. He has only played 143 NHL games and has made his home in the AHL. At 36 Baumgartner has played for Vancouver, Dallas, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Washington. Nolan has spent most of his long career with the Vancouver organization. Baumgartner has 47 career NHL points and 69 career penalty minutes. Nolan is currently with the Chicago Wolves of the AHL and has 13 points in 42 games. Baumgartner is a veteran presence in the dressing room and will not give up.

Sean Avery, Yes, yes, yes, the lovable Sean Avery. Avery is an annoying 32-year-old who has more than 5 times as many NHL penalty minutes than he does points. He has 1533 minutes, that is more than a day in the box! Avery has 90 goals and is currently in the Rangers farm system. Sean has played for only 4 NHL teams but has gone back and forth between NHL and AHL. Avery has played a respectable 580 NHL games since 2001 and will continue to be a pest whether he is playing in the NHL or riding the buses in the AHL.

Wade Redden, What ever happened to good old Wade Redden? Just when we thought he had it going for him in 2005/2006, Redden had a 50 point season. He then signed with the New York Rangers the following year, and has slumped ever since. The 35-year-old defenseman has had a rather good career. He has played for Ottawa and New York and has never had less 22 points in a season until 09/10 when he was in New York. He reached the 15 goal plateau in 03/04 when he had 17 goals. Redden has 450 NHL points and ever since 2010 we haven’t heard much about him. Wade is locked up with the New York franchise until 2014 and makes $6.5 million for two years and then $5 million for the other two. Redden doesn’t even have a goal in the AHL through 30 games. Wade is making a ton of money but not playing like he should be.


                 Wade Redden                                                           Mark Parrish


2 thoughts on “Cellar Dweller’s

  1. Redden is in a tough situation because I think he has what it takes to be playing in the NHL but his problem is his contract as you elude to. No one can afford a third line pairing d-man who is being paid 5 mil. From what I have heard he has been a great team mate down there which for the young Rangers developing that is a great thing, they are learning how to be a professional and how to make it to the NHL from a once great player.

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