NHL Playoff Breakdown

The NHL playoffs will begin on Wed. April 11 2012 with most games being broadcasted on CBC, NBC, TSN, CNBC and NHL Network. Here is a look at the first round of the 2012 NHL playoffs.

                                                                                        Eastern Conference

 #1. New York Rangers         #2. Boston Bruins                   #3. Florida Panthers

  vs.                                                                  vs.                                                                vs.

 #8. Ottawa Senators             #7. Washington Capitals      #6. New Jersey Devils

#4. Pittsburgh Penguins


#5. Philadelphia Flyers     

                                                                            Western Conference 

#1. Vancouver Canucks         #2. St. Louis Blues          #3. Pheonix Coyotes

 vs.                                                            vs.                                                                           vs.

#8. Los Angeles Kings            #7. San Jose Sharks        #6. Chicago Blackhawks

#4. Nashville Predators


#5. Detroit Red Wings

                                                                                                           Finals Prediction

                                                                           New York Rangers over St. Louis Blues



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