What Is Wrong With The 2012 NHL Playoffs?

The NHL playoffs are entertaining as always whether your watching for your fantasy pool picks or just watching  for pure enjoyment. But this year has something that no one likes: the dirty playing. There have been suspensions and fines already and no series is even done yet. It all started in the first game of the Nashville vs. Detroit series when Predators defenseman Shea Weber took Red Wings forward Henrik Zetterberg’s head and shoved it into the boards. Brendan Shanahan did not react like he should have. Weber only got a $2500 fine and no suspension. Wow, this guy will make $7 million this year. If Shannahan is trying to eliminate head shots, Weber, with all intent threw Zetterberg’s head into the glass. I know $2500 is the maximum fine for players but why Weber did not get a suspension puzzles me. Take a look for yourself, what would you give Weber?

 Then in the Rangers vs. Senators series Rangers rookie Carl Hagelin elbowed fellow countryman Daniel Alfreddson’s head into the boards. Alfredsson already was out for a bit of the year due to concussion symptoms when he was hit in a game against the New York Rangers. Who knows how long Alfie could be out for now. Hagelin went in with his elbow up with full intent on hitting Alfreddson high. Luckily Hagelin was given a 3 game suspension.

There have been many incidents that have not been dealt with at all or not properly. I think this incident should have gotten more. In the 1st period of the same game of the Alfredsson hit when the Rangers and Senators met, Senators d-man Matt Carkner tried to start a fight with Rangers forward Brian Boyle. Carkner just started throwing puches to Boyes’ head . Boyle did not fight back and dropped to the ice only to be on the bottom of a dog-pile. Boyle did not get any penalty, thankfully Carkner got a 17 minutes in penalties and a game misconduct while Rangers forward Brandon Dubinsky got a game misconduct for being the apparent “third man in” which is an automatic Misconduct. Boyle was not injured on the play which might have had an affect on the number of games Carkner was suspended for. Carkner only got 1 game for his punching.

Then on Saturday April 14 Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw swooped in on Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith and delivered a hit to Smith’s head. I think Smith might have over-exagerated the hit but that was not the problem. the problem was that Shaw made contact with Smith’s head. Shaw received a major penalty for charging and a game-misconduct. Shaw then was later handed a 3 game ban from Brendan Shanahan.

Now let’s get to the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia series. The has been dirty play from the goons and from the stars. Of all the players to be picking fights and being a jerk, Sidney Crosby is the one. Crosby missed months of action due to concussions. There were fights and brawls in all 3 games. The Penguins have been fighting, yapping and pulling hair! I guess this is what happens when the team  lets  in 20 goals in just 3 games against Philly. The main incident was Penguins forward Aaron Asham’s cross-check to the head of Flyers forward Brayden Schenn.  It came right after a scrum involving Schenn, then Asham came over and nailed Schenn in the neck/face area.

If Shanahan wants to eliminate head shots and he doesn’t even suspend someone for grabbing a players head and smashing it into the boards, well, you tell me what is suspendable anymore.


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