Full Names

Many professional baseball players don’t want their first name used when referring to them. Instead they go by a middle name or a short form like J.P. or A.J. or C.C. Some players even legally change their name. This name change is done for different reasons. A perfect example is Los Angeles Angels pitcher Ervin Santana’s real name is Johan Santana. Ervin changed to Ervin because of the New York Mets pitcher Johan Santana who was already playing in the MLB. He did this so commentators, fans and players would not get mixed up and confused. Many players named Michael or Matthew or Alexander, have the choice to go by Mike or Matt or Alex. I have made a list of the current MLB players who have a short-form name or have changed their name.

   Name                         Birth Name                                        Team        

   C.C. Sabathia        Carsten Charles Sabathia                  New York Yankees    

   J.P. Arencibia      Jonathan Paul Arencibia                   Toronto Blue Jays  

   C.J. Wilson           Christopher John Wilson                    Los Angeles Angels  

   J.J. Hardy               James Jerry Hardy                             Baltimore Orioles  

   J.P Howell              James Phillip Howell                           Tampa Bay Rays  

   A.J. Pierzynski           Anthony John Pierzynski              Chicago White Sox  

   P.J. Walters               Phillip DeWayne Walters                 Minnesota Twins  

   R.A. Dickey                Robert Allen Dickey                         New York Mets  

    J.D. Martinez             Julio Daniel Martinez                      Houston Astros  

   J.A. Happ                    James Anthony Happ                       Houston Astros  

   A.J. Burnett               Allan James Burnett                          Pittsburgh Pirates  

   J.J. Putz                     Joseph Jason Putz                 Arizona Diamondbacks  

   A.J. Pollock             Allen Lorenz Pollock                    Arizona Diamondbacks  

   A.J. Ellis                  Andrew James Ellis                       Los Angeles Dodgers  




2 thoughts on “Full Names

  1. B.J. Upton’s real name is Melvin Emanuel Upton, which leads you to wonder where B.J. came from. His dad’s nickname was “Bossman” so B.J. is Bossman Jr.

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