How To Get An MLB Players Attention #1

Have you ever wanted to have a good picture or yell a few words from the stands to your favourite MLB player? Well here are some reasonable and humorous tips on how to get that quick glance or smile… or frown from them.

1. Heckle Them. I always like when there is a comedic fan in around the area I am sitting in. Sometimes they get annoying but on the other hand they are very funny. If you know some inside information on the player or team, you can really get some laughs. At the beginning of the 2012 season, the Boston Red Sox banned all alcoholic beverages from the clubhouse because of rumors going around of pitchers drinking in the locker rooms during the games. I was at a Red Sox vs. Blue Jays game this year and their was a fan making beer jokes to the bullpen pitchers. The whole section was laughing at the jokes and the bullpen coach’s face.


 The best players to heckle are the outfielders because they often get bored out there and could use a good laugh. Be careful not to go overboard and criticize them too harshly though.

 Another great example of heckling came all the way back in 2011 in a game between the Royals and Athletics. A group of fans sitting in right field at Oakland Coliseum heckled RF Jeff Francoeur all game long. But Francoeur was enjoying it, even responding with laughs, smiles and talking with them. That day also happened to be Bacon Tuesday for that group of fans. All of members bring some type of bacon snack and they all trade and share.  The group of fans proceeded to sending Francoeur a plate with bacon on it. Turns out, Francoeur is a huge bacon lover. The next day the fans returned and Francoeur returned to Right Field. The group of fans continued their chatter and jokes with Francoeur. Since these people were Oakland fans they were very surprised when Jeff threw a ball to them with a $100 dollar bill taped and a note attached that said “Beer or Bacon Dog on me”.


The next year in 2012 the Royals and Athletics met again in Oakland. Guess who was there? Francoeur and the fans. Jeff was happy to sign bats and jerseys for the group. He even sent 20 pizzas to the bacon lovers. The fans had made t-shirts to try to make Bacon Tuesday an Oakland event. Francoeur even got his own shirt and became the official sponsor for Bacon Tuesday.


      Francoeur’s Bacon Tuesday T-Shirt                                                       The Bacon Fans


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