MLB State Dream Team (Alabama, USA)

My Dream Team for Alabama. Some players are not on the teams 40-man roster but I still included them. The starters are in bold.


Starting Pitcher- Matt Cain, SF.    Jake Peavy, CWS.    P.J. Walters, MIN.    David Robertson, NYY.

Relief Pitcher-Evan Crawford, TOR.   David Robertson, NYY.    P.J. Walters, MIN.    Craig Kimbrel, ATL.

C- Paul Phillips, MIL.

1B-Delmon Young, DET.

2B-Matt Downs, HOU.

3B- Mike Mordecai, MIA.

SS-Marlon Anderson, NYM.

LF-Josh Willingham, MIN.   Juan Pierre, PHI.    Desmond Jennings, TB.

CF- Desmond Jennings, TB.    Juan Pierre, PHI.   Alex Rios, CWS. 

RF- Alex Rios, CWS.    Juan Pierre, PHI.


                           Matt Cain                                                                                    Alex Rios


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