How To Get An MLB Players’ Attention #2

There is unlimited variations of slogans and words you can put on a sign to bring to a baseball game. If the sign catches the player’s eye you might just get a response from them.

2. Make A Sign. When bringing a sign to a baseball game you have to think of a clever slogan. Try doing a spin-off of a player’s name or something to do with the team.


Make the sign big, bright and noticeable. Not only will the player notice it but television cameras might put you on tv too.

The best signs are the ones that make fun of the team or player in a friendly way, but still makes the whole stadium laugh when it comes on the jumbo-tron.


If you’re having trouble thinking of a good slogan, simply search your team’s roster and go through the lineup looking at the player’s name and number. Try to think of a good spin-off of a good phrase that relates to the team or player. Try to use bristle-board or a thick material. Don’t use flimsy paper or cardboard because it makes it look like it took you ten minutes to write it.

Don’t be afraid to hold up your sign and enjoy the laughs of the section you’re in, as well as the ballpark and possibly the fans watching at home.


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