Matt Cain Throws A Perfect Game

San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain threw a perfect game on June 13 2012. It was the 277th no-hitter thrown in MLB history. But Cain’s performance was the third no-hitter in June and we are not even half way done the month. Since the start of the 2005 season, there have been 5 perfect games and 17 no-hitters. From 2000 to the start of the 2004 season there was 1 perfect game and 6 no-hitters.

Why the sudden increase in stellar pitching performances is truly unknown. Maybe modern-day pitchers are more intelligent when it comes to clutch pitching. Maybe it is the cut down on Performance Enhancing Drugs on batters. Maybe it is just plain luck. But these special moments are becoming almost a usual now in baseball. You can almost expect at least 5 or more in a season of the MLB.

Pitchers have to go through a tiring game of lots of pitches and no talking with teammates. During a normal game, the pitcher will receive words of encouragement in the dugout and on the field. But during a no-hitter, the teammates are dead silent. No talking to the pitcher. They do this so it doesn’t distract the hurler and take his focus away from the game. Notice how no one talks to Matt Cain in the dugout during the game.


The only current MLB team yet to throw a no-hitter are the San Diego Padres. While the Chicago White Sox lead the MLB with 18 no hitters thrown.

Whatever the team, whatever the pitcher, even if you don’t like the team. You have to admire and applaud any no-hitter and perfect game thrown.


                             Matt Cain                                                                         Kevin Millwood


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