Best Ballpark Food

There is nothing better than a nice hot dog from a vendor or an ice cream sundae on a hot July day. If you are planning to go to any of these stadiums, be sure to try one of the fan favourites or a famous team special.

Arizona Diamondbacks, Chase Field.  At the Red Hot Stand in section 126 the Apple Gouda, Chipotle Cheddar and Spicy Italian Sausages are being served. These wieners are all-natural Niman Ranch sausages. This concession stand has plenty of toppings including onions, peppers, apple slaw and so much more. These sausages are sure to feed your hunger.


Atlanta Braves, Turner Field.  I am not familiar with any special menu items at Turner Field. (If anyone knows any specialty item, please let me know.) Atlanta always has Cracker Jack bags available for sale in most concession stands. Cracker Jack’s are bags of molasses-flavoured and candy-coated popcorn and peanuts. They have a small prize inside as well. These fun bags are always a hit with young kids.


Baltimore Orioles, Oriole Park at Camden Yards.  At Oriole Park you can get Maryland’s signature dish; Crab Cakes. The cakes are made by former Oriole Boog Powell who has his own stall called Boog’s BBQ. The Crab Cakes are a seafood lover’s dream. It has crab, shrimp and comes in a big portion size. If you love fish, than try out the Crab Cakes in Baltimore.

                                                                                          Balitmore Orioles — Camden Yards

Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park.  You can’t go to Massachusetts and not have some New England Clam Chowder. That is a big hit in Boston, especially at Fenway Park. Clam Chowder has a variety of ingredients that include clam, lobster, potatoes, celery and onions.  Another popular item in the ballpark are the Lobster Rolls. These are hot dog buns with lobster and toppings in a thick dressing served with lobster coleslaw. Both of these seafood delights will leave any ball fan with a happy stomach.

                           Boston Red Sox — Fenway Park

Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field.  You can’t mess with the Chicago Style Hot Dog. These hot dogs are known worldwide and are one of the best. The typical one found at the vendors have a poppy-seed bun with the wiener covered in mustard, relish and onions. On the side are two tomatoes and on the other there are two hot peppers and a pickle. Although the Chicago fans don’t see World Series titles, they do see and taste great hot dogs.


Chicago White Sox, U.S. Cellular Field.  Another Chicago team means more Chicago hot dogs, but the Sox are known for their frozen margaritas. These are served right at your seat from the vendors backpacks. That will definitely cool you down on a hot day. Of course children and teens are unable to have the drink, but there are plenty of other great drink possibilities.


Cincinnati Reds, Great American Ballpark.  Cincinnati is also famous for a hot dog. They sell the Skyline Chili Cheese Coney. This dog is a wiener covered in chili and topped with shredded cheese. These always taste great with a Frosty Malt which is pretty much a cup of ice cream and soda that refreshes you on any day.

                       Cincinnati Reds — Great America Ball Park           Cincinnati Reds — Great American Ball Park

Cleveland Indians, Progressive Field.  The Tribe is known more so for their special mustard. Cleveland fans love the spicy brown mustard on hot dogs, burgers and many more. The Indians also serve a Food Network item known as the Buffalo Mac and Cheese. Cheesy macaroni with a breaded top, the Indians are treated to some very yummy food at ball games.

                                                 Cleveland Indians — Progressive Field

Colorado Rockies, Coors Field.  The Rockies have a signature burger named after their 1B Todd Helton. It is called the Helton Burger. This hamburger is sold at No. 17 Burger Shack. (Helton wears #17). The burger has melted mozzarella cheese on the patty to put the burger over the top. Colorado chefs also make a local specialty called the Rocky Mountain Oysters. My advice is don’t search them online, just eat them. In case you’re wondering, they are calf testicles used for human consumption. Yeah sure they sound gross, but give them a try.

                                 Colorado Rockies — Coors Field

Detroit Tigers, Comerica Park.  Adults can enjoy a massive and colourful Daiquiri, which is a cocktail that consists of rum, lime juice and sugar. This is one of the only cocktails that might give you a brain freeze! The cup is a tall cup that usually a couple could share. So adults can enjoy their huge cocktail while the kids go play at the carnival at the park.

                                                                                               Detroit Tigers — Comerica Park

Houston Astros, Minute Maid Park.  Now I’m not a huge potato fan, but if I was served the Barbeque Baked Potato I would eat it in a heartbeat. I would gain a few pounds, but it would be worth it. This baked potato is barbecued, seasoned and topped with BBQ sauce, pulled pork, cheese, onions, bacon,  jalapeno peppers, and sour cream. You can order it from your Ipod or Iphone and pick it up when it’s ready at the concession stand.

                                                                      Houston Astros — Minute Maid Park

Kansas City Royals, Kauffman Stadium.  Kansas City has a pit master that barbeques at the KC All-Star Barbeque for the fans. His Ribeye Stack was voted fan-favourite at the All-Star Game in L.A. last year. This guy serves just about anything barbecued from ribs to burgers to hot dogs. Concession stands also serve the Royal Bacon Blue Dog which is a hot dog topped with blue cheese sauce, onions and bacon.

                      Kansas City Royals — Kauffman Stadium            

Los Angeles Angels, Angel Stadium.  The Halo Dog is a popular food in L.A. This jumbo dog is bacon wrapped, topped with shredded cheese, chili relish,  pico de gallo (salsa) and charro beans. This hot dog is for any spicy food lover. The wiener is also all-beef and a great snack for the ball game.

                                                                         Los Angeles Angels — Angel Stadium

Los Angeles Dodgers, Dodger Stadium.  The Dodgers have one of the best classic dogs in the league. These are called Dodger Dogs. At 10 inches you get a good filling of food. The toppings are endless and are all-pork dogs. At Levy Restaurants around the stadium, chefs provide a healthy buffet. The food choices change everyday but what ever the game, you are sure to have a great meal.


Miami Marlins, Marlins Park.  I am unaware of any special menu items with the new team. But if you have peanut/nut allergies, then Marlins Park is the place for you. The Marlins have games that are “Peanut Free Games”. These are ball games where vendors do not sell nuts or peanuts. The Park also has peanut free sections where no peanuts are allowed at the seats. I have two friends and both brothers have a lot of food allergies. These guys go to ball games a lot and never have had any problems, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Milwaukee Brewers, Miller Park.  Miller Park is known for its Sausage Race in the sixth inning. To get even more into the action, why not try the Klement’s Famous Racing Sausage Kabobs. Taste all of the different kinds in the race. If you like the platter than you should be thanking Chris Fifarek. This Brewers fan won the Create a Concession contest and had his item added to the menu for all to enjoy.

                                                                                    Milwaukee Brewers — Miller Park

Minnesota Twins, Target Field.  A concession stand called The State Fair offers buyers Fried Pork on a Stick and Fried Halibut on a Stick.  The pork is seasoned to perfection and tastes so good that people steal them. That’s right, a fan at a Twins game actually took a bite out of a reporter hand’s when she was doing a report on the meat on live television. Here is the clip.

New York Mets, Citi Field.  The fans of New York love a good shake. That is why there is a Shake Shack stand at Citi Field. The stand has many varieties of Shakes. on the hot days in July there is nothing better than a frosty beverage. Although you may have to wait in line for a while due to the popularity of the drinks. The refreshing goodness would be worth the wait.


New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium.  If you are sitting in the left field stands then you should definitely check out Lobel’s Window. The window feature’s a butcher slicing and dicing steak. These prime steaks are used in the Fresh Lobel’s Steak Sandwiches. The simple sandwich features delicious cuts of steak on warm bread. This is a great quick and easy food, good for all ages.


Oakland Athletics, Oakland Coliseum. Oakland’s signature sandwich is the Carnitas Sandwich which can be found in sections 113 and 121 feature seasoned pork, cilantro, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and pickled jalapenos. This is a great sandwich usually served with potato chips. At the Coliseum there is a West Side Club Restaurant and Bar that serves the Marinated Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich has a hamburger bun, marinated chicken, melted provolone cheese and balsamic onion jam. This is served with french fries and is a great taste of fast food.

           Oakland A's — Coliseum      Oakland A's — Coliseum

Pittsburgh Pirates, PNC Park.  The Primanti Brother’s Sandwich is known locally in Pittsburgh. The sandwich features grilled meat, cole slaw, tomato, cheese and french fries in between the two slices of italian bread. The Primanti Brothers have a chain of diners in Pennsylvenia. One of them is located in PNC Park. If you can’t access that restaurant then try getting the sandwich at Smorgasburgh in the food court.

                                                                           Pittsburgh Pirates — PNC Park

Philadelphia Phillies, Citizens Bank Park.  If you love BBQ than Citizens Bank Park is the place to watch baseball. Former Philly Greg “The Bull” Luzinski barbeques up just about every meat possible. On top of that he does it on the largest grill in the MLB. Bull’s BBQ is in Ashburn Alley. You might just want to order Bull’s own extra-large kielbasa sandwich or the Pit Turkey Sandwich.


San Diego Padres, PETCO Park.  Being so close to the Pacific Ocean , it is fitting that PETCO Park specializes in seafood. A seafood restaurant called Westwinds serves up Sushi. The restaurant overlooks the field in left field. If you are not looking for sit-down dining there are many carts and stalls around the ballpark that offer Sushi Rolls and Fish Tacos. San Diego is the place to go  for baseball and seafood.




San Francisco Giants, AT&T Park.  Don’t complain if the person sitting next to you has garlic breath. San Francisco has garlic festivals and lots of Garlic Fries. Garlic Fries can be bought at one of the ten Gilroy Garlic Fries stands. The fries are made with fresh garlic and parsley. The fries are cut daily and made with no trans-fat. If you don’t want yourself smelling bad, go for something like the Crazy Crab Sandwich. These can be bought at the Crazy Crab’z concession stand. The sandwich is made with Dungeness Crab and served on grilled bread. The fries or the sandwich are sure to be a “Giant” hit.


Seattle Mariners, Safeco Field.  Do you like fish and hotdogs? Well you should try the IvarDog in Seattle. This half-fish, half hot dog is only available at Safeco Field. The IvarDog is a battered cod filet topped with coleslaw on a fresh hot dog bun. If you a looking for a nice treat, the ballpark features bakeries that sell many home-made items including a Cupcake that is topped with frosting, crushed almonds, toffee bits, whipped cream and fresh fruit. This is a sure favourite for any sweet tooth.

                    Seattle Mariners — Safeco Field           Seattle Mariners — Safeco Field

St. Louis Cardinals, Busch Stadium.  Busch Stadium offers a tasty food called Pig Skins. No, they are not actual pig skins but you are eating pulled pork stuffed in potato skins. The skins are drizzled in nacho cheese and topped with whatever you want. Many fans like to put banana peppers on them to provide a spicy kick to the pig skins.

                                                                              St. Louis Cardinals — Busch Stadium

Tampa Bay Rays, Tropicana Field. One food that I haven’t mentioned yet are Chicken Wings. But Tropicana Field is known for their boneless wings with a huge variety of sauces, such as barbecue, sweet red chili and Cajun. These wings are boneless so you can just pop the whole thing in your mouth because you don’t have to worry about meat left on the bones. And hey, why don’t you wash down the wings with some Tropicana Juice?

                                                                                 Tampa Bay Rays — Tropicana Field

Texas Rangers, Ballpark at Arlington.  If you love to eat and you love to eat big portion sizes than come down to Texas. These menu items are just ridiculous. The ballpark offers fans the opportunity to scarf down a two foot long hot dog. This dog is called the Championship Dog, and is served to you on a large cutting board to share with a group of friends. Yeah sure the dog costs $26 but it is all worth it when you have the bragging rights to eating the 2 ft. hot dog topped with cheese, chili, sautéed onions and served with fries. Everyone loves pretzels but this is no ordinary pretzel. This is a huge three-pound Soft Pretzel. The pretzel is enough to feed the family… for a week. Top it with condiments of your choice and enjoy.

                          Texas Rangers — Ballpark at Arlington

Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Centre.  Every ballpark serves some sort of french fries, but Toronto serves Sweet Potato Fries. These come in a good portion size and you can dip these in ketchup or the aioli sauce that comes with the fries. Aioli sauce is a light mayonnaise style sauce with a garlic flavour. Living around the Toronto gives me the chance to take in many Jays games but I have yet to try the sweet potato fries… eh!

                                                                  Toronto Blue Jays — Rogers Centre

Washington Nationals, Nationals Park.  The Nationals are having a great year so far in 2012, that is due to some great pitching from guys like Stephen Strasburg. The Nats created a new hamburger to begin 2012 called the Strasburger. The burger is a massive  8 pounds. Not many people will be able to finish the all-beef burger but if you do, you should lay off the calories for the rest of the week. Eating the Strasburger is like equivalent to eating 32 Quarter Pounders from McDonald’s. The Strasburger has ordinary toppings such as ketchup, tomatoes and pickles. It will probably take you the entire game to finish this burger.


Eating these specialty items are certainly on baseball fans bucket list but don’t be surprised if you gain 30 pounds or more. If anyone knows of other popular menu items, please let me know in a comment.


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