MLB All-Star Team 2000-2010

I have recently been reading The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract book, and for each decade of baseball, James would fill out categories and lists evaluating the player and the game of baseball from that time period. I have decided to do my own lists for the years of 2000-2010. Most of these categories are from the 998 page book by Bill James. More lists are soon to come!

 My MLB All Star Team (2000-2010)

Pos.                                                                                                                   Pitcher

C-  Mike Piazza, NYM, SD, OAK                               RHP-  Tim Hudson, OAK, ATL                                     

1B-  Albert Pujols, STL, LAA                                  RHP-  Roger Clemens, NYY, HOU 

2B-  Jeff Kent, SF, HOU, LAD                                 RHP-  Roy Halladay, TOR, PHI 

3B-  Alex Rodriguez, SEA, TEX, NYY                       LHP-  Andy Pettitte, NYY, HOU

SS-  Derek Jeter, NYY.                                           LHP-  Randy Johnson, ARZ, NYY, SF

LF-  Barry Bonds, SF                                              LHP- Tom Glavine, ATL, NYM 

CF-  Ken Griffey Jr., SEA, CWS, CIN                           CL-  Mariano Rivera, NYY

RF-  Sammy Sosa, TEX, CHC, BAL 

DH-  Jim Thome, CLE, PHI, CWS, LAD, MIN, BAL                  


                   Alex Rodriguez                                                                           Tim Hudson


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