Run To First!

I apologize once again for my relatively long absence. I have been caught up in summer and have not had enough time to sit down and talk baseball.

I always knew that when a player hits a ball in fair territory, their job is to run to first base. Not to walk to first, not to jog to first, but to run to first. I have noticed an overwhelming amount of morning jogs to first base on a ground ball that could very easily be turned into a hit. I know some of you may be thinking I’m crazy and that these professional ballplayers put everything they have into helping their team. Then why do you see this happening from so many of your favourite stars today?

Wow what amazing hustle, what incredible speed. I notice at least one or two groundouts every game that could have been stretched into a hit or at least a much closer play at first. I understand on some groundballs to first there is no point running when it’s an obvious out. But when you hit a sharp grounder or slow roller to the left side of the diamond, hustle it out. They should run like its for an award.  I realize that this speed may cause injury, but the chances of it happening when your running to first is very slim… unless your Ryan Howard.

Whenever I hit a grounder in my games, I’m always running it out like there is no tomorrow. I can walk to first when draw four balls not when its the difference between one out or two thanks to an inning ending double play. Ever heard of a two-out rally? It is a simple change that many big leaguers today should consider. Why do we only see a hustle when someone lays down a bunt? Even that there only objective was probably to advance the runner. How about advancing the runner with a home run eh? That’ll really advance the runner as well as the pitcher’s ERA. All I’m saying is maybe we should see a little more of this.

Even though he was bunting a speedy guy like Jemile should never ground into a double play all year. For example, take totals from Jemile’s career and he has grounded into 8 double plays from 2011-2012 . Look at another similar sized player, like Zack Cozart and his total comes to 25 from the end of 2011-2013.

When a picture a hard runner, I think of Ichiro Suzuki. For years this guy has been bolting down the first base line. I’m not just saying this because he is a slap hitter, but he is practically half way to first before the fielder can even glove it. If hitters would just run like their contract is depending on it, I’m sure we would see a whole lot less double plays and some higher averages from the players we love.


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