MLB Facts You Didn’t Know

These are not so much facts on Major League Baseball as it is on the athletes participating in it. I love learning about a player or a team. You know, that piece of info you can “WOW” your friends with. I find myself learning lots of new stuff from watching a baseball game. Major League commentators are overflowing with information they want to fit into conversation. I have lots of info that you didn’t know or didn’t think of about baseball and ballplayers.

Did you know that the average MLB, nine inning game is less than 10 minutes. Think about it.

Evan Gattis: The 27-year-old Braves rookie has many jobs before he returned to baseball in 2010. He was a night janitor, ski-resort worker, pizza man and worked at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

Ben Zobrist: Tampa Bay’s infielder and former teammate Gabe Gross used to organize Bible studies with teammates. Zobrist also chooses not to drink, smoke or do drugs.

Brandon Moss: The A’s first baseman is distant cousins with country musician Alan Jackson.

J.J. Hardy: The O’s all-star shortstop’s father was a professional tennis player and his mother was a professional golfer. I guess pro sports runs in the family.

Alex Gordon: In 2006, before Alex had ever played a major league game, he had a Topps rookie baseball card. This card was released too early and is now considered and “error” card.

                                                                                        Alex Gordon

Brandon Morrow: The 6’3″ Blue Jays pitcher is a Type 1 diabetic. He wears an insulin pump to regulate his blood sugar.

Jacoby Ellsbury and Josh Beckett: Jacoby, alongside former teammate Josh Beckett, released a wine called ZinfandEllsbury through Charity Wines with all proceeds going towards several charities. Beckett’s wine was called Chardon-K.


A.J. Pierzynski: The aggressive Rangers catcher has made several appearances on wrestling shows including TNA Impact, WWE Raw. I have no interest in this sport, if you want to call it a sport.



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