He Shoots, He Scores!

You know that quote “you can’t score if you don’t shoot”? There are many variations of it but the main message is telling you that you will not score unless you shoot. Yes, that is true more than 99.9% of the time but sometimes that 0.01% comes into play.

There was no shot by Washington and no shot recorded for Washington. But unfortunately there are only a couple of Niclas Wallin’s out there and as far as I’m concerned there is only one that has played in the NHL. For everyone else, they have to get goals the old-fashioned way. Shooting.

Stats are as of November 21, 2013.

There are three individual players with more than 90 shots. Alex Ovechkin (112), Zach Parise (101) and Evander Kane (93). Now it would seem Ovechkin is the better shooter out of the three with more shots, goals and a better shooting %, but stand Ovi’s Capitals up against the Evander Kane’s Jets and there is a huge difference between the average shots on goal per game.

Winnipeg averages 32.3 shots per game (4th in NHL), while Washington shoots an average of 29.5 times per game (18th in NHL). As for Minnesota, they’re 24th in the NHL with 28.3 shots per game.

The Jets have two of the top ten shooters and three in the top thirty. Those aren’t incredible numbers but it does make Washington shooters look like jokes. After Ovi, the next highest shooter is defenseman John Carlson with 54 shots. Good for 81st in the league. You can do the math yourself. Ovechkin has 58 more shots than second place Carlson. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have the slightly above average shooters in Winnipeg over the Alex and the gang in D.C. Washington has some work to do if they want to keep up in the Eastern Conference. As we all know, goals wins games and defense wins championships but the Caps should focus on the last part of that when the time comes.




NHL Trade Deadline Predictions

April 3rd is the date. Non-stop action of hockey trades. Many big names have been thrown around this year. We have already seen Jarome Iginla shipped to Pittsburgh, Brenden Morrow to Pittsburgh and Douglas Murray to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has been busy over the past few days and they seem to be making a serious run for the cup. Here are some of the big trade possibilities as well as my predictions for who I think might be on the move on Wednesday.


Mason Raymond and Robert Luongo                                        Ryan Miller and Robyn Regehr


Player Position (Age) Current Team  Best Fit(s)
Mike Ribeiro Centre (33) Washington     Buffalo
Ryan Miller Goalie (32) Buffalo     Buffalo
Tampa Bay
Ryane Clowe Left Wing (30) San Jose     Dallas
Derek Roy Centre (29) Dallas     Dallas
Los Angeles
Jay Bouwmeester Defence (29) Calgary     Washington
Tampa Bay
Roberto Luongo Goalie (33) Vancouver     Vancouver
Ryan Whitney Defence (30) Edmonton     Edmonton
Braydon Coburn Defence (28) Philadelphia     Pheonix
St. Louis
Mason Raymond Left Wing (27) Vancouver     Nashville
Jonathan Bernier Goalie (24) Los Angeles     Los Angeles
Valtteri Filppula Centre (29) Detroit     Florida
Drew Stafford Right Wing (27) Buffalo     Buffalo
Mark Streit Defence (35) New York I.     New York I.
Robyn Regehr Defence (32) Buffalo     Carolina
San Jose

Slumping Scorers

The shortened 2013 NHL season has featured surprises and disappointments. First off, who could have predicted the Chicago Blackhawks incredible streak? Who would think that the Maple Leafs, Senators and Canadiens would be in a playoff position and the Lightning, Capitals and Flyers would not? While everyone is making their early awards predictions, I thought I would focus on the slumps and droughts. Here some stats on some slumps and cold streaks.

Player Games  2013 Salary Goals $ Per Goal
Milan Lucic (BOS) 20 $4 250 000 4 1/$1.6M
Drew Stafford (BUF) 25 $4 000 000 2 1/$2M
Brandon Dubinsky (CLB) 15 $3 750 000 1 1/$3.75M
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (EDM) 22 $925 000 1 1/$925K
Ryan Smyth (EDM) 22 $2 250 000 2 1/$1.125M
Stephen Weiss (FLA) 17 $4 100 000 1 1/$4.1M
Drew Doughty (LA) 22 $6 500 000 0 NA
 Mikko Koivu (MIN) 22 $5 400 000 4 1/$1.35M
Ryan Suter (MIN) 22 $12 000 000 1 1/$12M
Pierre-Marc Bouchard (MIN) 20 $4 300 000 2 1/$2.15M
Martin Erat (NSH) 22 $5 500 000 3 1/$1.83M
Craig Smith (NSH) 23 $740 000 3 1/$740K
Travis Zajac (NJD) 24 $4 800 000 4 1/$1.2M
Frans Nielsen (NYI) 24 $2 000 000 2 1/$1M
Kyle Okposo (NYI) 24 $2 000 000 2 1/$1M
Brad Richards (NYR) 20 $12 000 000 2 1/$6M
Kyle Turris (OTT) 24 $1 800 000 4 1/$450K
Max Talbot (PHI) 25 $2 250 000 1 1/$2.25M
Sean Couturier (PHI) 23 $925 000 2 1/$463K
Evgeni Malkin (PIT) 20 $9 000 000 5 1/$1.8M
Ryane Clowe (SJS) 20 $4 000 000 0 NA
 Nikolai Kulemin (TOR) 25 $2 600 000 2 1/$1.3M
Nicklas Backstrom (WSH) 22 $6 000 000 2 1/$3M

The Dilemma Between the Pipes

Pardon my absence from my blog as I have been caught up in school work and watching hockey. I have been up to date with everything NHL and MLB. I was watching an New York Islanders game the other day when I was thinking about their recent struggles with goaltending. The Isles continue to be a below average hockey team. As I look at the standings, they are last in their division and 12th in the conference. But when you look at their goaltenders they have the injury-prone Rick Dipietro, Evgeni Nabokov and the newly acquired Tim Thomas.

Now, look back just 5 years. 07/08 was the year. These same three goalies were excellent. Here are the facts to prove it.

  Rick Dipietro (This was Rick’s last year before the big injuries kicked in).

  • 26 wins
  • 3707 minutes played (10th in NHL)
  • NHL All-Star

Evgeni Nabokov (SJ)

  • 46 wins
  • 4560 minutes played (2nd in NHL)
  • 2.14 GAA (3rd in NHL)
  • NHL All-Star
  • 6 Shutouts (3rd in NHL)
  • Vezina Trophy finalist

Tim Thomas (BOS)

  • 28 wins
  • .921 SV%
  • 1595 saves (13th in NHL)

Many other teams struggle with goalie issues some being a positive issue like the problem in Vancouver with two #1 goalies (Schneider, Luongo)  they don’t know who to start and when.  But other teams have had poor performances this year and in previous years. The Leafs continue to have hard times with their net minders. (Reimer, Scrivens). Ever since Washington traded Semyon Varlamov to the Avalanche, they have not have consistent goal keeping. The Caps are chugging along with Neuvirth and Holtby who have not quite lived up to expectations in 2013. Washington is currently in last in their conference and things are not looking up. A goaltender is a very important part of any team. If your goalie is not playing up to par, well you better have a good offensive team.


Tim Thomas                                                                                       Rick Dipietro


NHL Predictions 2013

Finally the NHL Lockout has come to an end. This means blogging about both sports, hockey and baseball. I have made my predictions for the shortened 48 game season. It includes standings and skater statistics. Feel free to debate or argue with me. I’m always open to discuss all topics. (Note: Overtime/Shootout wins and losses are included in the Win and Loss category.

Northeast Division       Atlantic Division
Team Wins Losses   Team Wins Losses
1. Boston 34 14 1. New York R. 35 13
2. Ottawa 31 17 2.Pittsburgh 33 15
3. Buffalo 29 19 3. Philadelphia 30 18
4. Montreal 23 25 4. New Jersey 26 22
5. Toronto 20 28 5. New York I. 23 25
Southeast Division       Central Division  
Team Wins Losses   Team Wins Losses
1. Washington 32 16 1. Chicago 34 14
2. Carolina 30 18 2. St. Louis 32 16
3. Tampa Bay 29 19 3. Nashville 29 19
4. Florida 27 21 4. Detroit 25 23
5. Winnipeg 24 24 5. Columbus 18 30
Pacific Division       Northwest Division
Team Wins Losses   Team Wins Losses
1. San Jose 33 15 1. Vancouver 35 13
2. Los Angeles 33 15 2. Edmonton 31 17
3. Phoenix 30 18 3. Minnesota 28 20
4. Anaheim 28 20 4. Calgary 22 26
5. Dallas 24 24 5. Colorado 20 28
 Goals       Assists
Player Team Goals   Player Team Assists
1. Evgeni Malkin Pittsburgh 33 1. Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh 41
2. Steven Stamkos Tampa Bay 32 2. Henrik Sedin Vancouver 40
3. Alex Ovechkin Washington 30 3. Martin St. Louis Tampa Bay 40
4. John Tavares New York I. 28 4. Claude Giroux Philadelphia 38
5. Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh 27 5. Evgeni Malkin Pittsburgh 37
6. Daniel Sedin Vancouver 27 6. Joe Thornton San Jose 37
7. Ilya Kovalchuk New Jersey 27 7. Brad Richards New York R. 36
8. Phil Kessel Toronto 26 8. Daniel Sedin Vancouver 36
9. Ryan N. Hopkins Edmonton 25 9. Ryan Getzlaf Anaheim 35
10. Jonathan Toews Chicago 25 10. Ryan N. Hopkins Edmonton 35
11. Brad Richards New York R. 25 11. Erik Karlsson Ottawa 34
12. Jason Spezza Ottawa 25 12. Mikko Koivu Minnesota 33
13. James Neal Pittsburgh 24 13. Nicklas Backstrom Washington 33
14. Corey Perry Anaheim 24 14. Eric Staal Carolina 32
15. Rick Nash New York R. 24 15. Steven Stamkos Tampa Bay 30
Player Team  Points
1. Evgeni Malkin Pittsburgh 70
2. Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh 68
3. Daniel Sedin Vancouver 63
4. Steven Stamkos Tampa Bay 62
5. Brad Richards New York R. 61
6. Ryan N. Hopkins Edmonton 60
7. John Tavares New York I. 58
8. Ilya Kovalchuk New Jersey 56
9. Henrik Sedin Vancouver 52
10. James Neal Pittsburgh 53
11. Alex Ovechkin Washington 53
12. Jason Spezza Ottawa 51
13. Phil Kessel Toronto 51
14. Corey Perry Anaheim 48
15. Jonathan Toews Chicago 46

Doesn’t He Kind Of Look Like…

It is always great when you point a celebrity that looks like someone you know or another celebrity and everyone agrees with you. But it is harder to do that with athletes, due to them always wearing a hat or helmet. Well I’m going to do my best job to find some look alikes between player and player or player and celebrity. I will be focusing on MLB and NHL players.

Alexander Ovechkin & Richard Kiel  (I’ve gotta do it).




Brad Penny & Larry the Cable Guy




Raul Ibanez & Tom Morello




Ryan Braun & Ben Feldman




Sean Avery & Sam Worthington




Ryan Nugent-Hopkins & Alan Ruck




Michael Del Zotto & Andy Samberg




What Is Wrong With The 2012 NHL Playoffs?

The NHL playoffs are entertaining as always whether your watching for your fantasy pool picks or just watching  for pure enjoyment. But this year has something that no one likes: the dirty playing. There have been suspensions and fines already and no series is even done yet. It all started in the first game of the Nashville vs. Detroit series when Predators defenseman Shea Weber took Red Wings forward Henrik Zetterberg’s head and shoved it into the boards. Brendan Shanahan did not react like he should have. Weber only got a $2500 fine and no suspension. Wow, this guy will make $7 million this year. If Shannahan is trying to eliminate head shots, Weber, with all intent threw Zetterberg’s head into the glass. I know $2500 is the maximum fine for players but why Weber did not get a suspension puzzles me. Take a look for yourself, what would you give Weber?

 Then in the Rangers vs. Senators series Rangers rookie Carl Hagelin elbowed fellow countryman Daniel Alfreddson’s head into the boards. Alfredsson already was out for a bit of the year due to concussion symptoms when he was hit in a game against the New York Rangers. Who knows how long Alfie could be out for now. Hagelin went in with his elbow up with full intent on hitting Alfreddson high. Luckily Hagelin was given a 3 game suspension.

There have been many incidents that have not been dealt with at all or not properly. I think this incident should have gotten more. In the 1st period of the same game of the Alfredsson hit when the Rangers and Senators met, Senators d-man Matt Carkner tried to start a fight with Rangers forward Brian Boyle. Carkner just started throwing puches to Boyes’ head . Boyle did not fight back and dropped to the ice only to be on the bottom of a dog-pile. Boyle did not get any penalty, thankfully Carkner got a 17 minutes in penalties and a game misconduct while Rangers forward Brandon Dubinsky got a game misconduct for being the apparent “third man in” which is an automatic Misconduct. Boyle was not injured on the play which might have had an affect on the number of games Carkner was suspended for. Carkner only got 1 game for his punching.

Then on Saturday April 14 Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw swooped in on Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith and delivered a hit to Smith’s head. I think Smith might have over-exagerated the hit but that was not the problem. the problem was that Shaw made contact with Smith’s head. Shaw received a major penalty for charging and a game-misconduct. Shaw then was later handed a 3 game ban from Brendan Shanahan.

Now let’s get to the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia series. The has been dirty play from the goons and from the stars. Of all the players to be picking fights and being a jerk, Sidney Crosby is the one. Crosby missed months of action due to concussions. There were fights and brawls in all 3 games. The Penguins have been fighting, yapping and pulling hair! I guess this is what happens when the team  lets  in 20 goals in just 3 games against Philly. The main incident was Penguins forward Aaron Asham’s cross-check to the head of Flyers forward Brayden Schenn.  It came right after a scrum involving Schenn, then Asham came over and nailed Schenn in the neck/face area.

If Shanahan wants to eliminate head shots and he doesn’t even suspend someone for grabbing a players head and smashing it into the boards, well, you tell me what is suspendable anymore.