MLB Overrated Players #1

Usually we hear more of underrated players who don’t receive enough or any credit. But this is not about giving praise, this is pointing out the facts that prove the player is not what they are hyped-up to be. Stats current as of August 22, 2013

Pedro Alvarez- Alvarez was supposed to be the next big thing in Pittsburgh a couple years ago. He was, until everyone saw his batting average. He is currently batting .233 for the season and despite his 31 home runs, he has failed to deliver in my eyes. Pedro has a career average below .240 and has struggled to make contact for 4 years. The 26-year-old needs to maintain his hot streak for the rest of the year as he heads into arbitration in 2014. I would want him hitting at least .250 I he was going to be the starting third baseman on my team. Everything seems to be going Pittsburgh’s way so I would assume no changes will be made at third.

Andre Ethier- The Dodgers have a tricky situation in Right Field. The young Yasiel Puig is ready to take over in right and the obvious solution would be to trade Andre for a prospect or two. I don’t think anyone would want the 31-year-old. Ever since Andre’s monster 2009 season, his stats have dropped rapidly. He is stuck with 9 home runs and is well below his career average in homers (17.3). Ethier is aging fast and his play does not seem to be improving. His massive contract doesn’t help. The Dodgers owe him $13.5 million in 2013 and that number will increase to $18 million by 2018. Time is running out for Andre and he better smarten up if he wants a shot at Right Field in 2014.

Josh Beckett- I’m sorry for hating on the Dodgers but Beckett and Ethier combine for a $30.5 million dollar salary and together they have brought a below average contribution to Los Angeles. Beckett currently sits on the DL and with his 0-5 record and 5.19 ERA I would prefer him there than pitching for my team. With the acquisition of Ricky Nolasco (10-9 3.42 ERA) the future doesn’t look bright for Beckett. Ever since the blockbuster deal between Boston and Los Angeles, everyone has not lived up to expectations with the exception of Adrian Gonzalez. Josh has not been the leader of the staff and at the moment would not even be on the pitching staff if I was managing. A nice trip to AAA would do the trick.


Pedro Alvarez                                                                   Andre Ethier