Mascots? Who Needs Em?

The Chicago Cubs recently unveiled their first “official” mascot, Clark the Bear. This rather boring bear has absolutely nothing special about him… Oh now I see why the Cubs came up with him. May I note the 4 straight losing seasons and the fact that they haven’t won the World Series since 1908. Why didn’t they come out with a Billy Goat mascot? I don’t know either.

The Chicago Cubs organization says that this mascot will not be jumping on the dugouts, waving towels or interfering during the game. That leaves plenty of time before and after the game to annoy fans.

I have never been a fan of mascots for sports teams or schools. I’m guessing they were created to attract a younger audience to the sport or the team, but how many kids go to sporting events for the mascots? Sure they may crack a smile when they get a hug from a  random half-naked animal, but most likely the human being underneath the costume wants nothing to do with a smelly toddler.

The backwards baseball cap on Clark may spark some debate amongst the older Cubs fans. The folks who have been supporting “the Lovable Losers” for generations don’t like the gangster style that comes along with the backwards hat. But they do have a point. If Clark the bear did have pants, I would assume they would be down around his knees showing three-quarters of his paw print underwear.

No word yet on if Clark the bear is making more this year than a ball player on the Cubs, but I will keep you posted.

I sometimes wonder who is brave enough to wear the suit. Is there a rotation of guys? Is there one person? Does his girlfriend know about this job? Let’s hope she never finds out if something like this ever happens to Clark.

Despite my dislike for mascots, I do have a soft spot in my heart for Milwaukee’s sausage race and Washington’s presidential race. You gotta love these guys.

Feel free to share your opinion on Clark the Bear and mascots from around the world of sports.