The Worst Calgary Flames Team…Ever

The Calgary Flames are considered a “rebuilding” franchise, and boy do they need rebuilding. After finishing the shortened 2012 season with a 19-25-4 record, the Flames team was projected to have a measly 72 points had they played a full 82 game schedule. 72 points! That brings back memories of the Blue Jackets point totals since 2009/2010.

Not only is the past still haunting Calgary fans but the future doesn’t look too charming either. The Flames got unlucky when Miikka Kiprusoff decided to retire with little reason and they also lost veteran forward Alex Tanguay via trade. Here is a look at the notable off-season transactions.



  • Miikka Kiprusoff (G)
  • Alex Tanguay (LW)
  • Roman Cervenka (RW)
  • Cory Sarich (D)
  • Anton Babchuk (D)

Ladies and gentlemen, your Calgary Flames 2013 offseason transactions. I’m telling you, I pick up better guys on the waiver wire of my fantasy league. I can’t say that I don’t like the Flames but if I were I die-hard fan, I would turn to the Oilers for the time being. If the Flames choose to keep Sean Monahan in the NHL then I would definitely keep my eye out for him and consider picking him up in your fantasy league.

Calgary claims to be in rebuilding mode but the roster is still full of veterans and Matt Stajan. As of October 22, 2013, the Flames have 9 players 30+ years old and if it weren’t for their relatively young centers, then their average team age of 28.199 years old would be a whole lot higher.

In conclusion, if the Flames want to have a real shot at the playoffs, then Karri Ramo is not a suitable option for a starter. Lets say Ramo gets hurt for a long period of time. Who does Calgary turn to? Joey MacDonald is the unfortunate answer. Personally, I would go after Buffalo’s  goalie Ryan Miller, and drain whatever Miller has left in the tank.

By no means do I dislike the Flames, but if they want to impress their fans, I suggest doing a proper rebuild and focus on a 2nd line center, 2nd-3rd line defense and a goaltender!

Karri Ramo