Hi, I’m a teenage guy who loves just about every sport, but my favourites are baseball and hockey. My favourite hockey team is the Toronto Maple Leafs and I like the Toronto Blue Jays when it comes to baseball. I’m starting this blog because I know and love sports and I hope there is a future career in the sports world for me. I hope you readers enjoy my blog and come back regularly.

By no means am I an expert analyst or anything, but I definitely consider myself a sports expert. I have yet to meet someone around my age face-to-face that knows as much about hockey and baseball as I do. My dad is the closest I have to another sports fan. He knows his fair share of hockey and baseball but there are always those times at the dinner table (with me just turning off TSN or ESPN) asking my dad “hey did you here that so-and-so got traded”? His response would be “I’ve never heard of him before”. Then we would continue talking about the latest news in the sports world.

I often show my knowledge of sports everywhere I go. I could talk to anyone about hockey and baseball for hours. My friends unfortunately have no where close to as much knowledge as I do but I always try to teach them or work it into a conversation.

During recess in elementary school (a couple years ago), I would either go outside to play some sort of sport or on rainy days I would stay inside and surf the internet for the latest news on hockey and baseball or watch MLB Gameday if there was an afternoon game. My classmates and teachers all knew I loved sports. In grade eight I started a hockey pool for my classmates, I organized a class trip to a Toronto Blue Jays game and I even unsuccessfully tried to start a school baseball team.

I don’t know what it is but I just love the game of baseball and hockey. The stats, the players, the media, the teams everything about the game. Pretty much the only two video games I play is MLB and NHL. I play baseball and hockey. Not only do I play it I love keeping stats and scores.

I hope I don’t come off as cocky. I think I  have just the right amount of confidence. Baseball and hockey are my hobby, whatever it is, I love it. If anyone ever finds a Player Naming Contest or wants to challenge me to one, let me know. I can’t wait to share my knowledge on sports with you. Thanks.


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  1. Wow! I am not a baseball fan, but I will visit your blog from time to time just to keep up to date on an subject that is somewhat foreign to me. I work with young kids and I always look for ways to connect with them via their interests. I will choose to read this blog over others because I think it is pretty great that a teenage boy is doing something constructive with his free time. Well done.

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